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Egg On Their Faces

And lots of it too. Why on God's dear Earth did the ICC think it had to create an absurd reason as to why Darryl Hair would not be umpi...Read More

Pawar-ful Again?

Another corny headline , but the end result remains unchanged. Reigning BCCI President Sharad Pawar has been emphatically re-elected unoppos...Read More

The Special People

An amusing article , about the BCCI, I found while researching the ambush marketing post . The following quotes grabbed my attention: “ ...Read More

Bring Back Pathan

What is going on in the minds of Indian selectors? Irfan Pathan is one of India’s best bowlers who is just currently out of form. He is evid...Read More

Show Me The Money

For the BCCI, money grows off a tree. The recent splurging of cash in the DFL Cup in Malaysia just showed that millions of US dollars is jus...Read More

Waqar's Promises

Not one to shy away from controversies at the best of times, Waqar Younis lambasts the ICC for even pondering the issue of appointing Darry...Read More

I Like The Kid

More on that later. A fantastic comeback by the Indian side to rescue a forlorn effort at 69/5 inside 15 overs to winning the match by 16 ru...Read More
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