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Praise Be With Chappell's Experiments

I am all for experimentation. Greg Chappell's experiments have provided an invaluable insight into the capability of a number of players in the current Indian setup. Rahul Dravid opening with Sachin Tendulkar in the ongoing DLF Cup was a good attempt at trying to awaken Virender Sehwag from his ODI slumber.

As the Indians are 8 down in their second match against the West Indies, I am of the firm opinion that Sehwag's role in the batting lineup is nowhere, but the top of the order. I am not naive enough to suggest he should return there for the Champions Trophy. In my view, like Pathan (my thoughts about him here), a stint back in domestic cricket would be extremely beneficial. A change of scenery, time to reflect and lower quality of opposition will provide the opportunity to get his head in order and feel the adrenalin of bludgeoning the ball off the middle of the bat again.

In the meanwhile, Robin Uthappa will gain invaluable exposure at the top of the order, against top quality opposition. I realise this experiment has already been tried, with mixed success. However, Uthappa did enough with those opportunities to grant him an extended look. Dravid would then shift back into the young and brittle middle order, lending much needed stability and a cool head.

What says you Chappelli?

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Anonymous said...

Chapell has no doubt done a good job but there should be a balance between stability and experimentation.

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