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Show Me The Money

For the BCCI, money grows off a tree. The recent splurging of cash in the DFL Cup in Malaysia just showed that millions of US dollars is just loose change for the BCCI. So much so that they are even willing to pay opposition teams one million dollars (US) just to play them.

Now either Mr. Sharad Powar has gone mad for authorizing this deal or world cricket is no longer competitive and giving your opponents a helping hand comes before becoming the best team in the world. Yes the BCCI has enough money to give to the poor, but that is what they should do if they feel so generous, give to the poor and not the relatively wealthy cricket boards of Australia and West Indies.

Not only does India not posses the cricket facilities that Australia has, most of its ground are well below international standards. Although one million dollars might seem a small amount in the scheme of things, why give a better cricketing nation a helping hand when your own nation needs upgrades in every facet of the game. Where is the logic in this?

Yes the BCCI has announced that it is spending 347 million dollars in upgrading ground facilities in all domestic grounds, but what is the primary extent of these upgrades? New flood lights at each ground. Maybe they should try and get better stands, equip every ground with better drainage system as to deal with early morning dew that hampers so many cricket games in India. Maybe they should spend more money on improving the facilities for spectators. Maybe they could spend the money on improving dressing rooms at every ground and getting it up to international standard by at the least installing an air conditioner.

With so much money India should not only posses the best cricket team in the world but also the best facilities in the world. Rather than throwing money away maybe the BCCI should concentrate on getting its own back yard up to scratch. But then again, maybe the big boys in the BCCI have already filled their own bank accounts with enough money for two lifetimes and don’t know what to do with the money that is left.

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