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Waqar's Promises

Not one to shy away from controversies at the best of times, Waqar Younis lambasts the ICC for even pondering the issue of appointing Darryl Hair as an umpire during the Champions Trophy.

He also weighs in to the debate with his first-hand account of the condition of the ball that has caused such furore:

"There was nothing wrong with [the ball]," Waqar told the paper from his home in Sydney. "I went and told the boys that I thought it was totally wrong ... I promise you, nothing was wrong with it."

One could argue that a promise does not hold much credibility when it emanates from an individual who was part of the first Pakistan team that was accused, by the English, of ball tampering. Younis was also found guilty of ball tampering in the dying stages of his illustrious career.

His account does not really hold much weight with me. The hearing (read trial) is less than a week away now, I think I can hold out until then. After all we will have the expert opinion of forensic investigators to rely on.

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