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The Special People

An amusing article, about the BCCI, I found while researching the ambush marketing post. The following quotes grabbed my attention:

They are the special people. They wield and enjoy considerable power and clout. They don't sell steel, cement or oil. The sell the high profile game of cricket. (emphasis added)


India's single richest sports body which has urged and negotiated hard with multinationals to sponsor home series and the national team, awarded broadcasting rights for a high sum, first to ESPN and then to Prasar Bharati and its administrators have cut a stylish impression (emphasis added)

I wonder how much arm-twisting Jagmohan Dalmiya had to do to procure the space in The Hindu? I further wonder which one of Dalmiya’s cronies wrote this piece. Maybe it was the same guy that was retained by the great man to write a historical account of Indian cricket, except, nobody has ever seen a single page of this mysterious work.

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