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Sorry Ravi, Your're Wrong

Ravi Shastri has his belated take on the disappointment of Kuala Lumpur. Seems like pretty much what every Tom, Dick and Cricket Blogger has been saying for the past few days/week.

Shastri opines that Chappell's experimentation should have stopped 5-6 months into this tenure. On this point, Shastri makes it clear that Dravid needs to rest control of the team, specifically the batting order, back from Chappell. I vehemently disagree with him on both points:
  1. Experimentation is a process of trial and error that continues until certain aims have been accomplished. I do not pretent to know Chappell and Dravid, but I presume their initial goal was to give their top players exposure to different match/general conditions/situations at different places in the order as well as giving fringe players a taste of the big time and an opportunity to shine. Some experiments will fail, as did the one with Dravid at the top of the order, but, we would not have known the end result had the ploy not been given a chance to work. Successful experiments have given us hope that we have players in the team who can win us matches from any position. Experiments must continue until we find the best middle order combo from Yuvraj, Kaif, Raina and Mongia.
  2. Dravid is an intelligent and proud man. I get the feeling his polite and reserved attitude is taken for a weakness by many people, Shastri being one of them on this occaison. I get the feeling that Dravid does not see Team India as his team. I firmly believe that Dravid sees this Team India as a collaborative effort between he and Chappell. Of all cricket commentators, Shastri should know Dravid better than most. I am not sure if Shastri actually believes in what he wrote. If he does, I think he is sorely mistaken.
Sorry Ravi, I am not sure that you really have a clue here.

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