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The New South Africans

The West Indies have been decimated by an awesome, fear-instilling, Australian bowling attack that knows how best to exploit advantageous conditions. I did not expect a significantly different result from the match, but I did wince at the collective brevity of gumption and skill displayed by the West Indian batsmen. The current Windies team are indeed the new South Africans.

Any side playing the mighty Australians must realise they are in trouble when Glen McGrath goes wicket-less but concedes only a run an over, for it customarily implies that wickets are falling or are about topple at the other end. Brett Lee provided the magic in this instance, showing he is in ominous form for the Champions Trophy and the brittle Poms.

Being an old Damien Martyn fan, it was heartening to see him play the same glorious shots that had the whole world marvelling at him not that long ago. Martyn manages to prove again and again, why he should be the first choice pick for the number four slot in the Aussie batting line-up. Australia do not possess the depth to jettison him from his rightful position, not just yet anyway.

Conversely, Simon Katich simply cannot be persisted with any longer. The entire cricketing world realises his clock is tick tocking into oblivion, it is about time the team management and selector’s woke up to this reality. Kato, sorry mate, but you’re in Haydos’ God-given position in the team.

Just as an aside, the Champions Trophy is shaping up to be a very interesting affair. The conditions will not be nearly-as bowler friendly and all is in readiness for the usual suspects to return to the slam-bang, thank you mam form of ODI cricket, not that this is a bad prospect at all.

This edition of the DLF Cup proved that the current Australian side, replete with a captain of dubious temperament (read more here and here), are a formidable machine and a victory against them remains a moment to be savoured. Top effort lads.

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