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Are You Passionate Enough To Write For Us?

Are you a passionate sports fan who is ALSO opinionated AND can also write well? We're on the hunt for fellow creatures matching this description. These special characteristics will open the doors for a writing gig on The Match Referee.

Why you should write for TMR

This is a platform where your opinions and your endeavour will be rewarded with keen interest from fellow sports fans across the globe. The TMR platform not only gives you the power to voice your opinions, but to become an influencer in your favourite sports.

Because of the thousands of pageviews and the high levels of time our readers spend on the website, your thoughts will be debated and regurgitated by sports fans who are passionate, but don't have the balls to write.

Have you ever watched a game or listened to sports analysis and thought, "these guys are talking trash?" Then this is your opportunity to prove yourself and articulate your opinions. You will love the experience and our readers will thank you for educating them with something other than terrible sporting cliches.

What we're looking for

It's actually quite simple. We're looking for original, entertaining content that fits into these rather broad categories:
  • Match reports and analysis
  • Unadulterated opinion on the latest sports news
  • Match previews
  • Sports lifestyle pieces
  • ANYTHING sport related that will provoke a response from our readers

What we're NOT looking for

This is also a very simple list that will help you focus on writing original, entertaining and thought-provoking content:
  • Articles that have been published elsewhere
  • Boring summaries of events that we all watched on TV
  • Racist, homophobic, culturally insensitive content
  • Personal attacks

How to apply to write for TMR

It's quite simple, send an email to thematchreferee[at]gmail.com with the following details:
  1. Your name
  2. 100 words or less on why you think you can keep TMR readers entertained
  3. Links to anything that you've published online before
  4. Your favourite sports that you would like to write about

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