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Indian Fans, This Is Your Future

Hot on the heels of the announcement of the Challenger Trophy teams, The Telegraph has compiled a short bio on 5 of the younger/new faces selected in the teams.

What is it with this glut of talented youngsters from UP? Is it an indication of well oiled, cohesive and effective junior system and infrastructure or is it merely a result of a larger population? It would be interesting to do a case study on this phenomenon.

On a more important issue, why has Sourav Ganguly been selected? It is a blight on Kiran More's temperament that he did not have the courage to stick to his guns and call a spade for what it is, a spade. As much as I love Ganguly, he will never make it back to the national team. The additional spot could have proved an invaluable experience for another promising player, even if he was only to be a member of the squad.

PS. The teams are named Blue, Red and Green. An easy marketing ploy would have been to name them Saffron/Orange, Green and White. After all, these players are competing for spots to represent the tricolour, right?

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