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Lets Not Get Carried Away

Now lets not all get carried away with Dinesh Mongia’s performance against Australia in the DFL Cup. It wasn’t a match winning performance and if anything he threw the match away for India by not farming the strike.

I find it quite hard to believe that one half century has got Mongia into the middle order of every Indian’s dream national side. Have we all forgotten the likes of Kaif who for so long has been the unsung hero of Indian cricket. Since the inception of Chappell as coach, Kaif hasn’t been able to find a permanent fixed position in the One Day side, he has been shuffled up the order, down the order and out of the order.

Now some might say that he has failed to take his chances, but how is one expected to perform at his peak when he is constantly under pressure to retain his spot. Maybe they should give him an extended run for a whole series and see what he can conjure up then. As we all know, the selectors have persisted with Sehwag for nearly a couple of seasons now, so why can’t they persist with Kaif for a mere one or two series.

Kaif’s ability in the field is at a parallel to Mongia’s bowling abilities and to classify Mongia as an all rounder is absolutely absurd. Team India has enough batsmen man who can bowl spin in, Yuvraj, Sehwag, Tendulkar and Raina.

Mongia deserves his chance but only after proven performers like Kaif have been given theirs and I am sure that all of you wouldn’t want to see the likes of Mongia take over the places of young guns like Raina. But the way mere mortals have quick rises to hero status in India, anything is possible.

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