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Tarrant headed to West Coast?

Word has come to ear that Chris Tarrant wants a trade to West Coast. Tarrant has been plagued by injury for the majority of the last two seasons, injuries which have been kept under wraps. Although it is common now days, Tarrant has been taking pain killing injections for hand and hip injuries which have severely affected his form over the last few years.

His poor form maybe acceptable when it is injury related, but when coupled with the various night club incidents involving him, his future at the club comes under scrutiny.

Contrary to much misguided public opinion, Tarrant’s form isn’t in a permanent downward spiral, but with a fresh start and an injury free pre season and normal season, we might once again see the Chris Tarrant of old. As I have said earlier, form is temporary but class is permanent. Maybe the West Coast Eagles can help bring that class back to the fore.

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Anonymous said...

hello X factor,
"Form is temporary, class is permnent." I think these were the utterances of Sunil Gavasker.

Anonymous said...

Yes but also my own utterances in my previous posts :)

Ayush Trivedi said...

Being a staunch Collingwood fan, if his poor performances are injury related, then as you say X, I would like to see him stay on at Collingwood and prove his real worth.

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