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Pawar-ful Again?

Another corny headline, but the end result remains unchanged. Reigning BCCI President Sharad Pawar has been emphatically re-elected unopposed to the top job in Indian cricket (and probably the top democratic, if it could be purely described as such, job outside that of the Prime Ministership and various Chief Ministerships).

The article is at pains to underscore Jagmohan Dalmiya's delcining stature and fortunes. Apparently, even his staunchest allies have fallen head over heals to line-up on Pawar's side of the fence. Former President Purshottam Rungta is quoted as saying:
"No dramas this year? "Why should there be? They (Pawar & Co) are doing a good job. There is no point in just objecting for the sake of it. Let them continue doing their job, you must read the writing on the wall"
The "news" article metamorphoses into a movie plot with the un-named author observing that Pawar is sceptical about accepting ex-Dalmiya backers, much like, Ajay Devgan's character, Malik would have been in Ram Gopal Verma's Company.

To be brutally honest, apart from significantly increasing its cashflow, thus earnings of players, the current BCCI administration has done very little to substantially improve the setup of the game in India. We have heard many reports of money destined for the improvement of stadia (this being the latest), establishment of zonal academies, improvement in umpiring standards, producing better pitches and even the sharing of the treasure chest with Olympic athletes/sports!!

To this day, there a no zonal academies, stadia (except the Jaipur stadium which happens to be in Lalit Modi's home association) remain in the same dilapidated state they were in a year ago and we still do not have a qualified professional entrusted with the responsibility of raising umpiring standards in the country.

I realise this only a very short list, after all, it is off the top of my head. I also realise Delhi was not built in a day. For some reason, I actually believe Pawar and his knights have their hearts in the right places, as much as the betterment of Indian cricket is concerned, but it is results I want to see. Results that improve the game at the lowest levels. Programs that provide opportunities for young talent to be unearthed and to prosper. Amenities and conditions that reward loyal fans for paying hard-earned money to go and watch their heroes in action. Most importantly, I want to see professionalism in the management and selection of domestic teams and the national squad that will allow us to genuinely proclaim that we support the number one team in the world.

It is a mighty challenge Mr Pawar. Show us what you are made of.

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