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Bring Back Pathan

What is going on in the minds of Indian selectors? Irfan Pathan is one of India’s best bowlers who is just currently out of form. He is evidence that the Indian selectors either have fickle minds or suffering from the early stages dementia.

Yes, Pathan has not been performing up to standard with the ball in the past few One Day Internationals. But his input with the bat has given India many rollicking starts which can’t be ignored. He is the closest thing India has to an all rounder and if for some unknown reason, Greg Chappell wants to play 5 bowlers (more on that later), than Pathan has to be one of them, otherwise the batting line up looks too fragile.

Last season Pathan took 49 wickets and an outstanding average of just over 19, He scored 3 fifties with a batting average of 34. This average is better than some of the top order Indian batsman, like Virender Sehwag who only averaged a meagre 31 during last season. Why wasn’t he dropped?

In this day and age, versatility is the key to all forms of cricket. Pathan offers India that. He is a top class bowler who is a more than handy and a great fielder. He could make it into nearly any side in the world as an all rounder yet the country to which he belongs doesn’t want him.

I’m sure we don’t want Pathan to turn out like the long list of other Indian one hit wonders but the way things are heading with the selectors, this could scenario could eventuate, because the selectors don’t realize that form is temporary but class is permanent.

PS. Have a look at what he did to an inform Pakistani batting line up not so long ago.

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