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Public Relations Advice For Darryl Hair

What is it with umpires exploding onto the international scene with a string of top notch performances and then coming back to the pack with an even longer string of horrendous decisions (read Asad Rauf, Mark Benson, Aleem Dar to an extent and do not get me started about Rudi Koertzen and Steve Bucknor)? Me thinks Mahendra Singh Dhoni may be able to identify with this phenomenon.

But I digress. Have you wondered why you haven't seen the crooked finger, aka Billy Bowden, on your TV screens lately? The man has been busy casting himself as the frontman for
Arthritis New Zealand's annual appeal. A very noble cause indeed, I hear you muttering.

Now this got me thinking. We all know our good friend Darryl Hair is in as much need of good publicity as Shane Warne is for the next blonde haired bimbo. On second thoughts, Mr Hair is probably that little bit more desperate.

Hair needs to find himself a feel-good charity that nobody would dare to speak against and offer to become its frontman. He would receive more good publicity than anyone could poke a stick at. Hair's public image would improve out of sight and he might even be able to dupe some rich corporate types into signing you up to front their commercials. Earnings from these gigs will offset the potential losses he incurred after the ICC decided not to pay out on the half million US dollars he demanded in that email.

From the bottom of my heart, good luck Darryl.

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