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DLF Cup Rant - India v Australia

I am not sure where umpires procure their spectacles from, but they need a new supplier and an accurate eye exam to boot.

How Mr Hill gave Brad Haddin not out, is beyond me. The ball was clearly in Harbhajan Singh's hand when he made contact with the stumps. The ball only dislodged from his hand once the stumps had been broken. Another abhorrent decision, by a not-so-abhorrent umpire.

It will be interesting to see what impact this let-off has on Australia's ultimate tally. However, the Indians are looking sharp in the field and the 2 and a half run-outs are a testament to this fact.

However, to say the least, Hill's decision (or non-decision) rather befuddles me at the minute.

Prediction: Although I do not rate Brad Hogg for an instant (actually thats an understatement, I put him in the Ashley Giles category - but that is another post), I have a sneaking suspicion that he may pose a huge threat to presently vulnerable Indian batting line-up. More so, if he manages to get his googlies on target.

This is shaping up to be an absolute cracka.

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