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Brett Lee Is Pregnant

Well actually his wife is. However, he is married, so I find from reading this article. The English players should be given all the credit for making a huge song and dance about giving up their regular day job to attend the birth of their first/second/third/sixth child. Surely, when you have seen one, you have seen them all? I am quite inexperienced with this facet of one’s life; please let me know if mistaken, I am.

We’ve come a long way from the days when my Mom didn’t want her own husband (ie. my respected father) in the delivery room when X and I were born. If you asked my respected father for his opinion, he would reflect on his own experience and duly inform you that these cricketers are making a huge fuss over nothing and they should get on with playing cricket and leave the rest to their wives. He may have a point.

I continually fail to understand why we are regularly bombarded with the news that a cricketer has left a game mid-way to attend the birth of his child, or that he has decided to play in a match “for the benefit of the team”. I mean seriously, “for the benefit of the team”??? Would you all please cease indulging in this blatant attempt to gain some sympathy/cheap publicity, because that is what I believe it all comes down to.

So what if you have decided not to be by your wife’s side during the delivery? The opportunity cost, which you have accepted, is that you have the honour of representing your country on the world stage. Some might argue that these alternatives are poles apart. I tend to argue that these antics of the newer generation of cricketers are mere publicity stunts.

I like Brett Lee. I think he is a talented, honest and respectable cricketer and individual. However, I would have liked to have heard about the birth of his baby after the actual event. Maybe I am mistaken in my deduction of his real intentions in relation to this announcement. If so, I aplogise profusely. Sadly though, somehow I get the feeling I am not entirely mistaken in my assertions on this issue. The birth of a child should be cause for joy and celebration, not the subject of cheap and misguided publicity grabs.

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Anonymous said...

Well, well, well Enigma
im am furious at your so called blog about D.Hair. He has been and will continue to be a world leading cricket umpire. Your views are completly biased and for a country with no, thats right none, umpires on the elite panel i would be careful were you tread. How about you focus ur attention to more important facts like India's one day form!

Anonymous said...

for fuk sake enigma, stop giving old D.Hair such a hard time. Ur only giving him shit cause he ia an aussie. When was the last time an indian umpire was on the elite panel? if you had of opened ur eyes and seen the ball there was no way that it got that way by simple running into the boundary fence. Its those dirty paki's who should be ashamed of themselves, they put Hair in the situation he was in.

P.S. India are possible the worst cricket team for the fact they have a squad of 1 billion people to choose from and still arnt world champions!

Anonymous said...

Enigma,I believe that everyone has right to enjoy birth of their child in their own way.I hope people will leave to be parents alone so that they can enjoy and celebrate the birth of their child 1st,2nd,3rd,4th-------.So please let them enjoy the way they want-Birthing Room or playground.I am sure talented people will like to be left alone.Being famous doesn't allow them privacy,which general public enjoy.

Anonymous said...

You must be the biggest idiot if you think that Lee wanted publicity from this. He was simply being honest when questioned about the his wife's pregnancy (which the press found out about in the tabloids). The media will be concerned automatically when they learnt that the baby is due on the eve of the 1st Ashes test and the media will always be the media and try their best to get a story.
It was good to hear that Lee turned down magazine offers of $150,000. for pictures of his wedding and baby. He is doing his duty as a protective husband and father.
Lastly, this pregnancy aint none of our business but people want to comment and say stupid things like you match referee.

Ayush Trivedi said...

^^ Idiot or not, you've obviously decided. This piece was written when the news initially broke. At the time there was no news of Lee refusing magazine offers or the like and it seemed very much like a publicity stunt.

As I said I think Lee is an "honest and respectable..individual". Plaudits to him for refusing the big bucks for the photos.

Lee's case was a single example of a deeper issue where other sportsmen seem to be talking about such issues for all the wrong reasons, IMHO.

Anonymous said...

Actually, the article about the magazine deal was released before...

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