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Stop Diving & Start Playing Soccer Italy

World Champions one day, mediocre the next. Although some might doubt Italy’s tag as World Champions, due to the well executed dive by Fabio Grosso in the knockout stage against Australia, once given the tag of World Champion, they should live up to it.

But, how can we blame the Italian team. The country is still in shock over the match fixing scandal which engulfed the sport before the World Cup. Then again, they could be taking it easy after a controversial World Cup win and in doing so retaining the title of perennial under achievers in world soccer.

The current Italian team’s performance is looking jaded and lacklustre. Names like Inzaghi and Zambrotta are well past their times. Players who are bound to come back into the side like Totti and Del Piero should also announce their long over due retirements. New blood should be brought into the team. Manchester United currently have a striker, Guiseppe Rossi who has had great reviews and is playing in the national U21 side, why waste his time there, future of Italian soccer should now be given a go so that they can build up a decent side for 2010 World Cup in South Africa.

People might argue that Totti is still a super star, but what has he ever done for the national team? What did he do in the World Cup? He has been an under achiever in the national team and should look at the interests of the team rather than be selfish and look after himself.

Maybe if the Italians stopped practicing diving and started practicing playing soccer they would reach great heights. But then again if they didn’t know how to dive so well, they wouldn’t have won the World Cup.


Anonymous said...

Yes, yes. I couldn't agree more.
I have never enjoyed a French win more than their latest over Italy in the Euro Cup qualifiers. Although there was no shamed Grosso or Materazzi on the team, I'm sure the loss hit these arrogant, feminine pretenders equally as hard. However, rightfully so. Champions of the world. Ha, more like women who can dive.
Learn to score a real goal Italy, you all need a big scopoloni.

Anonymous said...

campioni del mondo. thats all i have to say. what is wrong with you guys, give credit where it is do. did you see the italy vs. germany match in the semifinals. germany was by far the best looking and most dominant team at the world cup in 06, and italy beat them in their own backyard with style and grace. no other team could have done that. all teams have players that embellish fouls. its the nature of the game. your just pissed because whatever teams you support are out. don't hate the player, hate the game. it is what it is. you cannot win a world cup on accident, or because you have players who dive at the right moment. you also wrote that italy underachieves in international football. are you nuts dude, they've won 4 world cups. only brazil has more with 5. but according to you, they probably dove their way to those 4 world cup wins. you're a jackass.

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