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The End of a Glorious Era

Credible sources, indeed. X, I think your sources may be on the money with this news (read his post here).

Schumacher is a living legend, for mine, ranked above Ayerton Senna all others before him. It is a big call, but Schumacher has the results to back such claims.

All the controversies and impetuosity aside, Schumacher has left an indelible mark on the sport. He will be matched by very few after him and surpassed by even fewer, if any. The world of motorsport should (and will, I'm sure) stand as one and applaud the feats of the greatest driver of all-time.

I join X in thanking Shumi for turning on the fantastic entertainment and the halcyon years enjoyed by all Ferrari and Formula 1 fans over the last decade and more.
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