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Chris Gayle Is So Charitable

Pffftt. Not! In a clear case of a cricketer trying to bite the hand that feeds him, Chris Gayle has voiced his undying desire to relinquish the West Indies' captaincy and give up Test cricket altogether. Well, what's the hold up? What is the use of simply talking about it. As Phil Knight would say, just do it, maan.

Nobody can begrudge Chris Gayle his opinions or his likes and dislikes. There's absolutely no problem if he couldn't care two hoots about Test cricket and if he believes Twenty20 cricket is the best invention since Brazilians (Warning: sorry kids, this link is not for your precious eyes). The fact is Gayle isn't a tennis player where he can choose to be as selfish as he pleases, he is the leader of a team that is desperately relying on him for leadership, reassurance and some runs.

If Gayle really is as burdened by his membership of the West Indies' Test squad as he professes to be, he should immediately follow Fazeer Mohammad's advice and fall on his sword, for he is surplus to requirements in anyone's books.

I used to be a fan of Chris Gayle, if for nothing than his undoubted talent with willow in hand. I was even willing to pardon his rather selfish decision to delay his arrival in England. Now, I consider him no less a twat than the born again (in the IPL context) and equally hypocritical Matthew Hayden.

It is one thing to be honest with the media and thus your fans. It is totally another to exploit your position of influence to shamefully project yourself as an angel and unfairly burdened messiah, while single-handedly destroying the morale and fabric of a team which has been painstakingly constructed over the previous 18 months thanks to the diligence and determination of many-a-maligned-soul behind the scenes.

Chris Gayle and any international cricketing superstar should be unequivocally reminded that their stardom (and their future earning potential) is not the result of a fleeting moment of fortune in a Twenty20 match, but the consequence of being afforded an opportunity to excel in the traditional forms of the game in an international setting. Attempting to bite the hand that has fed them thus isn't the greatest course of action at the best of times.

PS. What's this I hear Fake IPL Player talking about Ricky Ponting (aka Sticky Something) taking over the Knight Riders captaincy next IPL season and recruiting the Messiah (aka Steve Waugh) to head the back room staff?

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