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Can You Describe Cricket In Two Words?

I was honoured and surprised to be invited last night to a gathering of the desi "social elite" in Melbourne. At the rather informal event an impromptu version of Antakshari broke out at which one of the participants quipped, after observing my inability to remember any songs / lyrics, that it was OK to sing a cricketing song, to which I replied that I only know one cricketing song and it starts with "Sachin" followed by "Tendulkar".

In this age where the new and the glitzy attract all the eyeballs and most of the cash, one collossus of the sport stands out like a beacon, body lengths above the best of the rest. Forget Brian Lara. Forget Steve Waugh. Forget Ricky Ponting. These blokes to aren't a shade on Sachin Tendulkar.

Call it coincidence or a sign of a few people in the know, but there have been a number of publications putting out pieces praising Tendulkar's longevity and talent. This class of coincidence has been sparse over the last 3-4 years, when it pertains to Tendulkar. Especially so, given that his Mumbai Indians have been struggling, a tad, in IPL2. However, as an unabashed fan of the bloke, I don't mind a bit of positive press, particularly after the disgrace that was his booing at the Wankhede and the despicable and shameful act that was the publication of Endulkar.

I have always contended that petty personal agendas, a lack of foresight and unlikely and bloated expectations lead symptoms of tall poppy syndrome commonly on display from the Indian media and far too many short-sighted Team India fans. I've said it before and I'll reiterate for our newer readers: there is not a cricketer in India or the world that can fill Sachin Tendulkar's shoes at present and no mother is likely to produce one for quite some time.

Cricket fans should stop wasting their time berating this legend. Enjoy your time with him on your TV screens for as long as he wishes to grace your living room and your closest cricket stadium, for when he's gone I can guarantee your sharp little tongues will be left wagging for more.

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