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Eto'o Waves Goodbye To Spain & Man Utd

Samuel Eto'o only had a fictional presence at Manchester United. His association with this great club was limited to the transfer rumour mills, which were driven by the common belief that Sir Alex Ferguson was on the hunt for a star/quality (we all know that one does not necessarily imply the other) striker to add to his recently acquired arsenal.

Unfortunately, it now appears that Eto'o is on his way to current European champions, AC Milan. The high regard in which Eto'o is held my Milan was quite evident in a statement in which the the club described him as "great" and vowed to launch an assault to capture his signature after the Spanish season comes to an end.

Few students of the game would dispute Milan's classification of Eto'o as a great player. At 26, the Cameroon international's skills in front of goal and scoring prowess would almost certainly have sealed the treble for Manchester United next season. Although, it would be fair to say that the treble is still quite achievable if Fergie can ensure that Ronaldo and the mouth watering combination of Nani and Anderson can fire more often than not.

It will undoubtedly be a sad day for all EA Sports Fifa 07 fans who play with Barcelona, as Eto'o may not be present in the 2008 version of the game. We all know the devastating effect Eto'o has on the opposition when he is utilised appropriately in front of goal. Simply ask X, he has been torn to shreds by Eto'os brilliance time and time again.

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X Factor said...

It is probably a good thing that Eto did not come to Man U. Although he is a quality player, he is not what Man U needed. He plays more like a Rooney and to a lesser extent a Ronaldo. What Man U need is either a fit Saha or someone of that mould, a player who can hold the ball up and be a pillar of strength so that the likes of Rooney, Ronaldo, Scholes, Giggs, Anderson and Nani can play off him and do their stuff, I dont think Eto would have been able to do this. I think a perfect pick up for Ferguson would have been Mark Viduka. He has just had a great season scoring many goals but also holding up the ball in the process, he would have been the ideal type of player for Man U, because lets face it, as we saw in the FA Cup final, Rooney is at his best when he is playing off someone. Although Viduka is now gone on a free transfer, Man U can still look to spend big on the like of Fernando Torres or David Villa, I think those two would complement the United midfield beautifully and they are alredy proven performers. Btw as far as i remember the last score line on FIFA red X Factor 8 - THe Engima 1. Point Made :)

Ayush Trivedi said...

Don't get me started on Viduka. He is the most overrated striker playing in the EPL and would hamper the United attack more than helping it.

As far as FIFA 07 is concerned, let me just put it this way: in cricket, even Bangladesh has managed to beat Australia once.

Keep at it mate. You might get there one day. :>

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