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BCCI: Never Bite The Hand That Feeds You

In the BCCI's case, do not bite the hand even if it does not feed you. Current Chairman of the National Cricket Academy (NCA), Kapil Dev, and former Selector, Kiran More, may soon be appreciating the adage, if this report is to be believed. Their only misdeed was to become non-honourary employees of an organisation that plans to conduct a few masala matches, purporting as games of cricket.

It is blatantly clear that the BCCI believes (maybe even with some justification in this instance) there is nothing honourable about Zee's proposal. However, for all of Sharad Pawar's promises of transparency and professionalism, news such as this further cements the BCCI's reputation as a private fiefdom of the greedy and corrupt.

Even after all these years of illogical and haphazard decision-making, you may be surprised to learn that the Board still manages to baffle me, on occasion. One such instance was with the initial appointment of Kapil Dev to his current post. Why, on God's good Earth, would anybody hand the chief position, of an institution that is a vital cog in ensuring a steady supply of new talent, to a man that crashed and burned during his only stint as coach, and still does not deem it necessary to gain any formal coaching qualifications?

For all his great performances of the past, IMHO the retired Kapil Dev is good for two things: business and journalists hunting a few grammatically incorrect 30-second sound bites.

These events follow hard on the heels of news that Dav Whatmore learned of his relegation from "next Indian coach" to "who is Whatmore", through the media.


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