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BCCI Cops One Tight Slap

Mukul Kesavan opines that the "BCCI comes across as a rich repertory company with a particular talent for farce." I am left with a strange suspicion that this fracas has not ended with Graham Ford's refusal of the Board's offer. Truth is, in this instance I sincerely hope I am not mistaken.

The BCCI has long taken all and sundry for granted. Everyone and everything outside the ruling faction is a replaceable instrument, fit only to be used and abused at the Board's will, and discarded like the most worthless pieces of meat would be from an abattoir. Dav Whatmore's unceremonious dumping from the head of the short-list being the latest incident that springs to mind.

Now that Whatmore has been slighted and that John Emburey was more of a smokescreen than an option, where will the BCCI go? The requisite, lame bumblings have been muttered by the honourary buffoons. These quick thinking, proactive fools gentlemen, in all their collective wisdom, have decided to appoint one Chandu Borde as Team India's "manager" for the tour to England and Ireland.

There's only one problem - the new "manager" has not yet been informed.

There are very few phrases to describe this latest happening that do not include any expletives. 'Typical', will suffice for now.

The only thing I hope for now is that Chandu Borde and/or whoever is appointed the next permanent coach/manager also does a Graham Ford, and rejects the BCCI's offer. If the uproar and disgust of millions of fans is not sufficient in forcing the Board to undertake drastic and long overdue reform, then public humiliation is the last hope.

I am led to believing that the BCCI officials are wearing blinkers as dense as that sorry excuse they have for brains. Are the officials of the BCCI so wrapped up with their greed and lust for power that they are willing to suffer humiliation after gutting humiliation?

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