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Darryl Hair Has Been Sacked

You better believe it. It appears likely that the man who initiated the most embarrassing fracas in international cricketing history, will be shown the door sometime on Saturday.

A "source" from the ICC executive meeting has claimed that the Asian bloc of India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh backed by the West Indies, South Africa and Zimbabwe voted to send Hair packing, for his role in the Oval test match fiasco.

A move such as this was always on the cards. With the Pakistani team being absolved of any wrong-doing, pertaining to the ball tampering allegations anyway, in the trial of Inzimam-ul-Haq, Hair's presence on the Elite Panel was never going to be an extended one.

It must be said our great game has no place for contemptuous officials like Hair who place their own interests and hidden agendas above the greater good of the sport. This is a typical example of why umpires, players and officials should not bite the hand that feeds them. His credibility may have been somewhat in tact had he not tried to ransom half a million dollars out of the ICC as a golden handshake for his deplorable act.

We, at The Match Referee, will be mightily pleased if this report is in fact true. Justice will finally have been served and we will be able to continue with the knowledge that the Elite Panel is free of its biggest negative influence and the umpires are adjudicating the game based on written laws, not their whims and fancies.


Anonymous said...

I found a reference to your post at this site: http://www.teeth.com.pk/blog/2006/11/04/hair-today-gone-tomorrow/

Not sure why it's not appearing on your trackbacks. You might want to look into that.

Anyway, nice site.

Ayush Trivedi said...

Thanks for the heads up mate. We'll have a look into it.

Anonymous said...

The article http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport2/hi/cricket/other_international/pakistan/5391118.stm
mentions Umpire Hair's interactions between Sri Lanka and the request by the PCB not to have Darryl Hair umpire any of its games; I put it to you that the request came about because of Umpire Hair's unshakeable fidelity and sense of honour for a game that is being over taken by money and hoodlums such as yourselves and Sri Lanka, and being undermined by cowards such as the ICC

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