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Socceroos - A Champion Team

They made the second round of the World Cup, they were dubiously knocked out of the world cup by the typically slippery tactics of the Azzuri, they would have been World Cup semi finalists but still the international community does not give the Socceroos any respect. Have they all forgotten what the Socceroos achieved and what they can do? Well let me remind you (It is a tad long but well worth watching):

With Australian football players holding a key role in international soccer, why are Aussies copping consistent criticism about the state of the Socceroos?

“Oh, the Socceroos, chuck in a few decent players and you think you have a team rivalling the Azzuri.” No, I think this is a little more accurate. Combine a list of KEY POSITION holders in the major European leagues and you get a team of champions. Actually, I think I just hit the nail on the head.

Marco Bresciano. Craig Moore. Lucas Neil. Harry Kewell. Tim Cahill. Vince Grella. Mark Viduka. Jason Culina. Mark Schwarzer. Scott Chipperfield. Mile Sterjovski.

Marco Bresciano- the highest scoring midfielder of the Serie A in 2003/04 who continues to star in the current season.
Moore- holds a crucial role in the defence of Newcastle.
Neil- the captain of Blackburn, with Barcelona and Liverpool showing strong interest in him after a stellar World Cup.
Harry Kewell- Liverpool’s “magician”.
Cahill- a star at Everton who plays a pivotal role in pushing forward from the midfield and scoring goals.
Grella- the captain of Parma in the Serie A.
Culina- whom single-handedly tore apart Liverpool recently in the Champions League. Need I say anything more? This list of players rivals any club in the world.

In fact, that list happens to be 11 players long. 11 player’s who in their current form would be gravely missed by their European clubs. According to me, 11 players is what makes up a field in soccer. Yes, there’s the substitution, obviously, but in a game of soccer, a side essentially only needs a few star players to ultimately keep it together. Australia has 11. Take Liverpool for instance. Take out Gerrard, Crouch and Kewell and their side is gone. Oh did I say Kewell? Isn’t that Harry Kewell, the Australian? The player the English papers have famed as the “Aussie Magician?”

“You winging Australian’s, why do you keep persisting with the whole “Australia should have won the world cup” thing?” Well I’ll tell you why. BECAUSE WE WERE CHEATHED OUT OF THE COMPETITION! The Australian fans know it, the world knows it, hell, even the man himself, Sepp Blatter, has admitted to it, “The Socceroos should have gone into the quarter-finals in place of Italy… they were up to beat Italy.”

Seriously, what does Italy have to offer on the international scale? An out of form Totti and cheats like Grosso (if you need any reminding):

And Materazzi? The only respectable players in that line up are Cannavaro and Del Piero. But wait, that’s right, Del Piero hardly gets on for the Azzuri because he doesn’t take enough dives. But then again, I suppose form is irrelevant for a nation where the winners of their league are determined by the depths of the corrupt club’s pockets.

So next time you Socceroos-haters go off on your little proven wrong spiel about how Australian football is not what it’s all hyped up to be, think again. With our players dominating much of Europe, it is quite evident that Australian football is very much on track.

This article was co-authored by Jackson Oxley and X Factor


Anonymous said...

very very well said. the socceroos deserve alot more respect as some of their players are absoulte guns and they showed in the wc that they can push any team, including Brazil. Top work, keep it up lads!

Ayush Trivedi said...

even Sep Blatter, President of FIFA, came out earlier this week and conceded that the Socceroos were robbed of a place in the quarter finals.

Top effort lads.

Anonymous said...

Its about time you aussies really did stop whinging about what happened. You lost and thats that, there is nothing you can do about it now, you have to accept the referees decision. Italia were equally unluky in having Materazzi sent off but do you hear us whinging about it? Face it guys your no good at football, stop living in the "what should have bee" world and start living in reality. When you win a world cup then you can start to give it to other nations. For now you can just keep trying to be as good as the Azzuri. Forza Italia!

Ayush Trivedi said...

I do agree, somewhat, with the comment above, X. Time to move, no?

Anonymous said...


Ayush Trivedi said...

@ Patrick:Well the history books will never tell you that, but I can't help but agree that at least they should've had a shot at winning it.

Marcelo said...

The socceroos need a new coach a coach that knows theatrics are apart of the game and is prepared to keep the players aware and ready for it

Ayush Trivedi said...

They don't need a new coach, they need the FFA to double what the Russians are paying Guus Hidink, in order to lure him back.

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