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Adam Gilchrist To Fight Climate Change

Well it is still a concept. Its not strictly cricket, I understand, but Rick Eyre posts a snippet from an Australian Labor Party spokesman's view of how the mighty Australian cricket team would handle the climate change debate:
"Climate change is real and the threat of dangerous climate change is also real. What Labor would do is cut Australia’s greenhouse pollution by 60 per cent by 2050. We know that, if you have a target, it is like a one-day cricket target: you do not bat out the first 30 overs; you send out Adam Gilchrist to get some runs on the board early because it makes it easy to get to the target later on. That is what the business council’s Global Roundtable on Climate Change has said." (original source here)
The world is indeed a strange place when politicians need to use cricketing examples to explain a simple and vitally important concept for our ever-more endangered planet. I hope "cricket tragic" Johnny Howard was listening, it seems the message is not getting through to him using conventional analogies.

I'm sorry. My digression from the real business of discussing life-changing cricketing issues has now ceased.

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