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Give The Guy A Break

Agree with your comments partly but I think that maybe you should be a bit more considerate of D Hair and the situation that he has got himself into. Now if it was an Australian team that were in the Pakistani's positions then we wouldn't be hearing this from you. I think people from the sub-continent have to relise that the ICC is not out to get them and niether are the umpires. The whole point of having neutral umpires in the game was to eradicate this misconception that umpires favoured their own teams. The Asian bloc virtually runs world cricket and honestly, if D Hair has been that bad for that long then he still wouldn't be umpiring at the elite level today because the Asian bloc would have made sure that he was kicked out of the Elite Panel of umpires.

Coming back to the actual incident which sparked this whole fiasco, the ball looked in a very ordinary condition. D Hair had been watching the actions of the Pakistani's for some time before he accused them of ball tampering. Now you have said that previously he was a lawyer and he obvisouly knows what he is on about. So he would have known that what he was about to do would have created an uproar in the cricketing world and he would have known that in these modern times there are cameras everywhere watching everything, so he would have made this accusation on the basis of something that he saw. The fact that Marcus Trescothick was watching the Pakistani fieldsman with binoculars meant that the England team also thought something suspicious was happening out in the middle.

Now you tie all this together and tell me, do you think a man of such integrity and knowledge would make such a big accusation without thinking about the dire repercussions and knowing that he was 100% correct.

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