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Stressed Out

Maybe Malcolm Speed was absolutely correct in saying that D Hair was under a great deal of "stress" when he sent off that ransom email. Who, in their right mind, would make such ludicrous demands straight after committing one of the biggest foul-ups in the sport's history?

We now all know that D Hair did make those demands and then had the gall to come out and say that he was sorry for the distress caused to his family and friends, but makes no mention of the paying public who were denied their money's worth because of his dubious (at best) actions.

The guy is proving to be more of a half-wit than I had originally given him credit for. The conclusions I arrived at and recommendations I made in my first post on this topic are ringing truer than ever.

PS. What is it with Aussie umpires suffering from stress? The infamous case of a certain R Emerson comes to mind. Poor chap was caught umpiring an international cricket match, while he was on "stress leave" from his day job. Food for thought, I tell you.

PPS. I wonder how much the ICC spends on spin doctors/PR Consultants. They seem to go through controversy after farcical controversy. Maybe they need to change their spin docs, obviously they don't seem to be doing all that good a job.

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