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Shady Deals

Unconfirmed report on Jagadish's blog about some shady deal being hammered out between Cricket Australia and the BCCI.

I'm not sure if two countries are allowed to bilaterally agree to select their own umpires, but it seems to have been done here. I'll be waiting with bated breath to see how the ICC responds to these developments. Undoubtedly, M Speed and his cohorts will not be happy chappies after hearing of news that, essentially, undermines the entire structure of the "Elite Panel" of stodgy old men who wear bright white sneakers with their black slacks.

I'm beginning to think the BCCI sees itself as somewhat of a charity organisation, not just the controller of all organised forms of cricket in India. First it decided to dole out a substantial sum of earnings to struggling non-cricketing sportspersons (think of what the thousands of cricket clubs in India could do with a portion of the Rs 50 crore that is being donated), now it is playing God by orchestrating a miracle to rescue its chief ball manufacturer. That too by using D Hair as their poster-boy?!?!?!

Just as an aside, I would've preferred them to have lavished a little on CA - so that they would've agreed to non-neutral umpires - and then paid another tidy amount to {insert name of any good looking bollywood actress here} to star in the said ads. Anthing is better than having to endure D Hair's ragged old face on the box.

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