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It's Not About Twenty20

My previous post in relation to one-hit-wonder / baseballer Australian cricket's latest new kid on the block, David Warner drew this response from a loyal reader who goes by the name Kebab. I get the feeling that my point about inept administrators at the end of the said post sent confused signals about my view on T20 cricket.

I want to set the record straight for Kebab and our other loyal readers who took umbrage at my apparent disdain for T20 cricket. Just as an aside, it seems obvious to me that Kebab in particular is still young at heart and impervious to the ways of the devious and crooked (read: BCCI office bearers and ICC board dimwits).

The problem is not with T20 matches, as such. The danger lies in the unending greed of cricket administrators. An affliction which will eventually force them to do away with "real cricket" in favour of the popcorn variety. Not a single cricket fan could argue that the last two Test series involving Australia or the previous two ODI's between Australia and South Africa have been anything short of champagne cricket - T20 eat you heart out.

Don't get me wrong, I enjoy T20 and the IPL just as much as the next man and his dog (anybody know where I can get an authentic Mumbai Indians shirt from?). But, it's no different to the the latest chart-busting pop song - you get utterly sick of it after a short while and wait for the next big thing.

Longevity demands substance - T20 lacks it in abundance.

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Anonymous said...

The clarification is appreciated, The Match Referee. On the point of T20 longetivity though, the whole reason, in my view, for T20 is so that cricket becomes more than those pop songs, it becomes something that everybody wants to go to or see or enjoy, hence promoting the whole game. And when large crowds turn up time and time again to not only the T20s, you would have to be "out there" to say T20 or cricket's respect is going to die out. Agreed, no administrators have gone the right way about controlling/promoting T20, but it is here to stay ... no doubt.

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