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Cricket Or Baseball?

It was played at the G. There were no pitching mounds in sight. Carlton Mid's won the day over hot dogs with mustard and ketchup. However, doubts abound as to which bat and ball game David Warner was playing. Was it cricket or baseball? You tell me:

In this age of thrills and spills does it really matter? Was Twenty20 not created to ensure that bat always won over ball? Planting of the feet to aid a free and uninhibited swing is not a new phenomenon. Just ask the butcher Virender Sehwag:

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Anonymous said...

Honestly, with only one or two T20's played in an international series, what's the big problem if the cricket side is ignored for the entertainment side. It is not undermining cricket because big crowds turn up to tests as well (the 3rd Sydney test a few weeks ago is a good example) and it is a great revenue passage. 60000 turned up to the Australia vs. RSA T20!

People need to open their eyes to the fact T20 is nowhere near as bad as people say. The players enjoy it, it improves their ability to score but does not affect their other qualities and the crowds enjoy every game because of its fast pace but relatively short length. To those opposed to the form of the game, grow up!

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