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BCCI Now Meddling In Sri Lanka

Arjuna Ranatunga allows Sri Lankan ICL players to participate in the Sri Lankan domestic competition - the BCCI grumbles, but makes no moves. Even before Team India's tour of Pakistan is canceled, Ranatunga intimates that the Lankans are willing to tour Pakistan if India pulls out - soon after which, Ranatunga and his interim committee are sacked. I don't often subscribe to conspiracy theories, but this does not seem kosher.

Especially not, after this came to my attention.

Is there something I'm missing here? How is the BCCI or India adversely affected if Sri Lanka tours Pakistan? If anything, common sense says that financially stronger Sri Lankan and Pakistani cricket boards are more valuable allies for India at the table of the 10 stupid stooges in Dubai.

Unfortunately we all know jokers' propensity to meddle in all things not directly related to promoting and enhancing the game in their own backyard. The sooner the establishment realises that Team India's current success is not the result of great planning, but mere coincidence and good fortune, the more likely we will be to avoid the plight of afflicting the less fortunate in our very small universe.

We can only hope that the ineptitude and pettiness which characterises the (mis-)management of Indian cricket will show signs of change during our lifetime.

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