Wednesday, August 22, 2007

BCCI v ICL: All Logic Flies Out The Window

Homer is incensed at the treatment meted out to, now former, Mumbai captain Nilesh Kulkarni. He asks some very valid, if not rhetorical, questions about the conduct of the selectors responsible for Kulkarni's dumping.

For mine, the BCCI and its trusted cronies affiliates have no idea what has hit them. Unfortunately for the old bloc, they don't have the ability to judge a threat for its real worth and act accordingly. If they did, they would realise that the ICL is not a threat at all, but an opportunity to change the face of world cricket and get wealthier in the process.

If the simpletons that 'run' the BCCI had slightly more intelligence that a pink flamingo, they wouldn't have required a second invitation to take a share of the spoils.

Instead, we are left with a situation where typical babu-style arrogance and short-sightedness has forced a loyal servant of the game with no option but to shrug his shoulders and sign with the ICL. At least nobody can accuse Kulkarni of chasing big money over national/state pride.

So Homer, fret not, otherwise you will do serious damage to your health. The treatment meted out to Kulkarni will be repeated with countless other players, because the BCCI knows not to pick on kids its own size. Indeed, Kulkarni and all others in a similar position, will be forced to jump, in a futile attempt by the idiots-that-be to save themselves and their greedy leader any "real or imagined" embarrassment.

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