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Professional Indian Selectors Are A Myth

I use "professional" with tongue firmly in my cheek in this instance. As with India's aping of most western concepts, the structures, responsibilities and intended benefits of employing professional selectors have quite clearly been deemed far too trivial to be understood by the powers that be and then communicated to the selection panel. Why else would professional selector think it appropriate to leak details of an alleged heated discussion in relation to the selection and non-selection of Irfan Pathan and RP Singh?

MS Dhoni was unequivocal in his denouncement of such despicable acts, which are unfortunately all too common in every walk of Indian life where the grimy hands of politicians have been allowed to wreak havoc. Selection meetings, like company Board meetings, are confidential for a reason - the players do not need to know every sordid detail that is discussed about them. This reprehensible action has ensured that Dhoni is now in a pickle that is not of his making and will undoubtedly impact team morale.

This leak further burdens the massive weight of evidence which clearly identifies that the BCCI administrators are inept and have not a care for the health of the game nor the players through whom they rake in the big bucks. This matter is likely to be swept under the carpet and life will go on. Unfortunately, the selector concerned will not be made an example to encourage current and future appointees from deterring from such cowardly acts.

The cricket will go on and India will go a long way to whitewashing the Poms. However, this incident again proves the inadequate level of administrative intelligence and checks and balances that are necessary to ensure continued success on the field beyond the current crop.

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Anonymous said...

dhoni is communal mind,why he is not giving chance to our t20 world cup hero 'sir irfan khan pathan',shame to gandu dhoni.thanks please print it.

Ayush Trivedi said...

Is he also "communal" because he doesn't give Rohit Sharma enough chances too?

You idiot!

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