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Andrew Symonds' Career Under Threat

Andrew Symonds' "gone fishing" incident is now part of Australian cricketing folklore. Hot on the heels of this incident, his subsequent rehabilitation and reinstatement into the Australian Test team for the New Zealand series, Andrew Symonds appears to be back in the fast lane and in the news for all the wrong reasons.

The Age reports that Symonds is under investigation for a "physical altercation" (read king hit) on a patron of Brisbane's popular Normanby Hotel. Given his recent turmoil and admission of an affinity for lots of booze, this incident can most politely be termed untimely. His critics may struggle to refrain from making use of some altogether harsher synonyms.

While I love the odd sensationalist headline about the Aussie cricket team, I cannot seriously believe that Cricket Australia will go anywhere close to banishing Symonds from the game for any great length of time - a slightly firmer slap on the wrist is more likely to ensue. I have no doubt that Symonds was provoked by the member of the public idiot concerned (I simply cannot understand why such simpletons are so hell-bent on heckling drunken sports stars who are no less than man-mountains in physical stature). While provocation is no excuse for a king hit, I do have some sympathy for stars who find themselves in these unfortunate positions.

Admittedly, the details have not yet been substantiated and I may simply be jumping the gun. However, we all know the state of Australian cricket at the minute and suggestions that Andrew Symonds will be wiped out by Cricket Australia for ever and a day are patently preposterous.

Every sport has one rule for the stars and an altogether different rule for the others. Cricket is no different and Australian cricket, certainly, is no different. Symonds may have cancelled his latest fishing trip to spend time with his fair lady to ease his nerves, but I am confident that he has nothing to fear and the honour of representing his adopted land on the cricket pitch will not be snatched from him.

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