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Is This The ICL's Path To World Domination?

Just when the entire cricketing universe thought that the ICL had no show of upstaging the BCCI and its IPL, comes news that the core of the Bangladesh national team is about to sign with the hitherto ICC-unrecognised body.

While this move appears a desperate ploy to gain traction in the Asian cricket market, it will be an interesting situation if these players 'defect' and Bangladesh teeters on the precipice, with the very real threat of losing its Test status. The BCCI will undoubtedly flex its monstrous political and financial clout to prevent the rebels from defecting. As carrots, IPL contracts will undoubtedly be offered to a select few of the rebels.

After all, the BCCI simply cannot afford a situation where it could potentially lose an all-important vote at the round table of the world sport's most incompetent administrative body - the esteemed ICC.

However, if the mass defection does occur, are we likely to witness the thus unimaginable events I described some time ago?

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Anonymous said...

do we really bother about Bangladesh and ICl ?

Ayush Trivedi said...

G'day Buzzz,
The short answer to your question: probably not. However, where the state of Bangladeshi cricket does become important is when it comes to playing good hard Test cricket.

Clearly the Banglas are nowhere near Test standard, however, they are going to keep their Test status come hell or high water. Given that the best chance of them improving their cricket is to keep a stable and cohesive team that, backed up by world class infrastructure, this latest move is likely to be the biggest body blow Bangladesh cricket could ever have copped.

The most logical thing would be to remove their Test status. We all know that's not about to happen any time soon.

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