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Andrew Symonds Agrees To Play Cricket Again

This story is akin to reporting that George Bush is an idiot. Seriously now, did anybody outside of sensationalist journalists ever entertain the thought of Andrew Symonds turning his broad back on Australian cricket, to focus solely on the IPL? Some conspiracy theorists might argue that this whole episode was a set-up by Cricket Australia to test Michael Clarke's captaincy mettle.

In an effort to not sound entirely facetious, I think it is worth a mention that today's sports stars generally understand where their bread is buttered. Andrew Symonds well understands that his current and future earning potential will be decimated if he decided to quit Australian cricket. Unlike Brett Lee, Symonds is not a darling of the Indian masses, he cannot sing, therefore Indian advertisers aren't exactly beating down his door, and any semblance of an un-Australian action will see his market value plummet Down Under.

Excuse the cynicism, but it blatantly clear to me that the only "confidential" counseling Symonds will have received in the last few days would have been from his manager and accountant.

The interesting conundrum this creates for Australian selectors is what to do with the Test match number six position? If Shane Watson manages a couple of decent performances with either, or both, bat and ball in India, is Symonds automatically brought back for being the..errr..incumbent? While I'm not convinced Watson is a Test match number six, this uncertainty could only prove a hindrance to Watson's performance in this role.

Just as an aside - given the recent frosts between the two, when Symonds does return, does Michael Clarke welcome him back with arms wide open?

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