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Brownlow Medal Red Carpet 2008

This is one those special events here at The Match Referee. One of the few times during the year where, along with the footballers, we too let our hair down. After a break of one year, due primarily to my disorganisation, The Match Referee presents the second annual (you may peruse the 2006 awards here) best dressed awards from the AFL's Brownlow Medal red carpet (thanks to The Age for these snaps).

<-- Best Dressed Male Award goes to Collingwood's one and only Bryan Strauchan, aka Strauchanie. We simply couldn't go past that freshly peroxided mop finished off with the totally bogan Oakley sunnies.

--> Best Dressed Female Award is an absolute no-brainer. Rebecca Twigley sweeps all before her with a stunning white number topped off with something from a BDSM kit (who's been visiting Sexyland, I wonder).

<-- Best Dressed Female (Honourable Mention) Award must go to Carlton's Marc Murphy's partner, Sarah Williamson. A stunning, tasteful and elegant silver gown would most probably have won the night had the Twig stayed at home. Not to worry, The Match Referee's honourable mention award is still something to covet.

--> Best Dressed Couple is awarded to St Kilda's Lenny Hayes and Candice Loonard. Let us make it clear that Lenny's contribution in this team effort is minimal. This honour is bestowed upon on this pair solely due to the grace, poise and beauty of his partner Candice.

<-- The Bjork Award for the most tacky outfit goes to Roo, Brent Harvey's partner, Shane McLintock. Anybody who labels this grown anything other than tacky needs a good tickle around the ears.

--> The Nick Reiwoldt Award for Biggest Momma's Boy goes to future Collingwood hero Ben Cousins, for coming along with his mom, Mrs Cousins. Good on ya son, keep putting your best foot forward and welcome to the family.

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