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Tendulkar To Retire

Breaking the big stories is the Match Referee's forte' and dont we have a massive one here. Get out the tissue paper ladies and gentlemen because we have reliably learnt from sources close to the great man himself that his retirement from the One Day format of the game is imminent.

18 years at the top level, coupled with the burden of carrying an entire nation’s hopes during that time has eventually taken its toll on Sachin Tendulkar who has almost certainly decided to retire from One Day International Cricket.

He had previously planned to play on and make the next World Cup in India his swan song but recent injuries and demanding nature of the game has eventually caught up with him. Tendulkar had planned to announce his retirement on the tour of England but close friends such as Venkatesh Prasad and Robin Singh urged him to do so back home in India, where he has brightened the lives of so many people.

More news to follow on this one and I will hand it over to Ayush T to analyse the great masters great career.

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Anonymous said...

that truly is some sad stuff if its true. who are your sources though?? funny that you guys got your hands on this story before Cricinfo

Rama Mohan said...


Good blog! with a great stuff.

Your blog link has been placed in my Indian bloggers list http://lifestyle-india.blogspot.com/.
Please Check it in my sports category


Thank you

Anonymous said...

this is ridiculous. Nothing of it is true. media is now trying to hide its face after having received tight blow from Tendulkar, after it had written him off.

Its bad to be an achiever in this country.....Really

Ayush Trivedi said...

@ Anon: "sad" was one way to describe it. I was absolutely heartbroken.

@ Mohan: Thanks for the compliments and the link. Hope you'll keep coming back.

@ Tubby: Mate, I hope you're right, re the media hyping this up, because I don't want him to retire either. That will indeed be a sad day, especially considering the way he is playing these days.

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