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Darryl Hair Saga: The "R" Word Raises Its Ugly Head

Malcolm Conn believes Darryl Hair's sacking from the ICC's Elite Panel of umpires was "disgraceful". The Match Referee has vehemently maintained that Hair's illogical and self-serving actions deserved a much earlier wave goodbye. The only disgrace here is that Conn and his ilk continue to support a selfish and attention-seeking umpire who put personal agendas above those of the game he was appointed to serve.

To date, cries of racism in cricket have been the sole domain of the non-Anglo Saxon nations (it must be said that such claims have often been based on nothing more than sour grapes). However, as has been his wont throughout his chequered career, Darryl Hair is about to set the record straight, for all the wrong reasons.

For as long as I care to remember, at work or school, if you have a problem with something you don't dob in another student, colleague or friend. Hair has shown us that he cares little for such social norms and will the basis of his case against the ICC will be a very childish, "but, he got away with it", in reference to Billy Doctrove.

I've got news for you Darryl, it's not racism, its your track record. This is not the time to blame an innocent party, but to take responsibility for your incredulous and unnecessary actions on and off the cricket field.

Unfortunately, we all know that the chances of Hair taking responsibility for his mistakes are about as likely as him losing weight. So pucker up and watch this man's feeble and inadequate allegations get thrown right back in his face.

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