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Somebody Get Munaf Patel A Dictionary

Sample this, courtesy of Cricinfo:

"What is this intensity?"

Is Munaf Patel kidding? I admit the title of this post is somewhat facetious, but the intent is definitely not so.

If you have seen Munaf Patel play for India over the last 4-6 months, even if you were as blind as Stevie Wonder you would have noticed the sluggishness and lack of "intensity" that has characterised his every performance. The mind boggles at the number of times he coughed up easy runs in the field and then flashed a grin, as if to say, "ah well, sh*t happens." Don't even get me started on the his lackluster performances with ball in hand.

It is now apparent that Patel still hasn't got the clear message that he needs to put in more and let the ball do the talking. What class of clown puts in abysmal performances for his country and then has the gumption to yell:
"Let somebody tell me to my face that my attitude is not right."

If only somebody would tell Munaf Patel to hit me up via the email address provided on this page and I'll organise a place and time to tell him exactly how much his attitude is so off the boil.

Munaf needs to zip it quick fast and take the lead of his former vice-captain, Virender Sehwag, and use his time away from the national squad to get fitter and improve his weaknesses. If he wants an example of what happens to players who disappear without a trace when they spout rubbish on selection issues, he need look no further than Dinesh Mongia.

The ball is now in Munaf Patel's court. It is up to him to decide whether he wants to smash it right back or lamely limp off the court and try to settle his scores from the sidelines.

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Kalyan said...

For the very same performance he got left out from next month's CB series.

Good post ..err..protest


Ayush Trivedi said...

I think it's just another case of an Indian cricketer getting to comfortable with his surroundings. I'm glad they left him out and I hope they continue to do so until he gets back to bowling consistently at full pace and with venom.

Thanks for your kind words.

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