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Andrew Symonds: Sparks Of Jealousy

It's quite obvious that Australia's bundling out at the Twenty20 World Cup at the hands of Team India has cut deep. Very deep. So much so that Andrew "Roy" Symonds was compelled to voice his displeasure at the unadulterated display of euphoria that greeted the Aussie's arrival in India.

I've got a simple piece of advice for ya Roy - shut up and cop it.

Symonds' confused mutterings will undoubtedly bring a wry smile to the faces of many non-Australian fans who have endured years of failure, frustration and often injustice at the hands of Australia.

It must be said that most wounded champions deal with failure by shutting up shop and steeling themselves to demolish their opposition at the next opportunity. Those former champions that publicly deride their opponents for doing nothing more than celebrating well-earned victory expose only their arrogance and set themselves up for more failure.

Andrew Symonds', as good a player as he is, must understand his position in this big, bad world. He is no Shane Warne or Glen McGrath. These two players could spout rubbish at their opposition (remember McGrath naming his bunny at the start of every series) and usually get away with it because they were masters of their art. Symonds' needs to concentrate on improving his cricket so he can avoid embarrassment, especially if he intends to talk more nonsense in the future.

Just as an aside, why is it such an Australian trait to complain when the proverbial hits the fan?

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