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Micky Arthur Suffers Bout Of Early Onset Dementia

For a side that entered the recently concluded 2007 Cricket World Cup as the, official, number 1 ranked team in the universe, South Africa put a pretty dismal showing. History repeated itself as all of Graham Smith's waffle about his team enjoying the view from top and taking the game to a new level proved to be just that.

In another display of ignorance, bordering on arrogance, South African Coach Micky Arthur is baffled as to why his World Cup result is being viewed as failure.

Really, who is he trying to take the micky out of? In a done and dusted case of convenience he offers, "we achieved a 75% success ratio and had only one poor World Cup match."

It is blatantly obvious that he now expects South African fans to purge any memories of the undignified loss to Bangladesh from their collective memories. What's more, do not even dare ask about the games against Ireland and Sri Lanka that were almost lost and the shoddy and insipid performances against Australia.

Arthurs may want to check his facts before making an ass of himself in future. He might also be well served by not assuming that he can take South Africans fans for a ride. Honesty and modesty are two words he may also wish to accept into his vocabulary.

If Arthurs is serious about challenging for the No. 1 ranking and retaining it for any length of time then he should consider sacking Graham Smith - for a start. A captain should be able to do slightly more than mouth off at every given (or non-given) opportunity. At the very least the coach needs to tell Smith that he is not a reincarnation of Steve Waugh and nor does he lead a side that is half as talented as the one Waugh had.

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