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Indian Cricket: Common-Sense Is Suggested

No, no. Don't work yourself up into a wild stupor dreaming that BCCI office bearers have finally seen the light. We all know that common-sense is a term unheard of in the power hungry corridors of that venerable organisation. Understanding this very trait, a noteworthy external organisation has made a discernable impression (according to some reports) on Sharad Pawar's mob, if not the man-mountain himself.

If you find rain delays or washed out cricket matches a right royal pain then fret no more. The India Meteorological Department (check out the IMD here)
has offered its services to assist the BCCI in scheduling matches.

Simply, the IMD proposes to reduce the number of matches that may be impacted by inclement weather. More game time means more people at the ground and, more importantly, a larger number of bums on couches watching the box. Even Paris Hilton would have figured out by now that all this boils down to one thing, and one thing only, more money for the BCCI.

I'm not going to begrudge any party a little extra money if it means the weather Gods can stay away from my cricket matches. However, I do wonder weather any of the other cricket Boards employ the services of similar organisations when deciding their respective schedules?


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