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World Cup: Money Makes The World Go Round

While the loosing Indian team suffer at the hands of the BCCI, I happened across a report out of New Zealand detailing exactly what each player has earned thus and what they stand to gain if they progress to the next stage. Obviously, after a listless and uninspired display that was utterly unbecoming of their stature as genuine championship candidates, the players may need to issue a earnings downgrade to their various bank managers.

Jonathan Millmow reports that the Black Caps already have NZ$42,000 in their kitty, just for progressing to the Super 8's. This is only the small fry, each squad member of the losing finalist (irrespective of whether they are the flight-less Kiwis, or not) stands to pocket NZ$210,000 - for that one match alone. Not a half bad pay day, if I may say so myself.

It goes without saying that the Kiwi team management is playing down any talk of motivation being derived or any semblance of lip smacking at the prospect of big pay days. If the Manager of an Indian team had offered this clarification he would, undoubtedly, have been ridiculed by all and sundry for covering up the real issue.

On a similar note of relentless extravagance, Will over at The Corridor found that official car supplier to the extremely important and busy ICC officials is none other than vehicle supplier for the common man - BMW:

Makes the mind boggle at what their accommodation facilities must be like, especially since the people responsible for spreading the good word are being treated like Gods.

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