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Indian Cricket: BCCI Doles Out Charity

One can be nothing, if not amused by the contrasting fates of those heavyweights that have managed to keep their place in the Cricket World Cup, and those that have unceremoniously been sent packing. For all of Rahul Dravid's conciliatory press conferences, his "boys" are up against a monstrous organisation that will not think twice before mercilessly running them over.

We all know the sorry state of affairs in the Indian camp. The Saddam-esque BCCI never requires a second invitation to take care of its own commercial interests and try and score brownie points in the process. The initial announcement of a cap on the number of endorsements a contracted player may enter into was unnecessary, draconian and irrational - at best.

Just like the opportunistic politicians who "run" it, the BCCI has backtracked from its original announcement and is now willing to "talk" to the players, but not their agents. Rather strange because one would think the "agents" are in fact managers charged with the responsibility of negotiating the players' commercial arrangements.

IMHO, this discussion is very a commercial one. I also do not, for one moment, think that the players are well enough equipped to convincingly argue their case against the conniving fools that represent the BCCI. It is at this very moment that the players need trained and professional representation to ensure their commercial interests are not conveniently eaten up the Lalit Modi, and his like.

This is very much a "told you so" moment. Remember the Players Association that I have been harking on about? Also remember how Ravi Shastri was the head of the said body during the contractual disagreements before the 2003 World Cup?

What happened Ravi? The issue not getting enough publicity for you to take up the cause?

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