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Marcus Trescothick: Still Alive

I was struck by fear and a sudden bout of, "what's happening to the world!?", last night. The reason for my uneasy state originated from my perusal of the websites that refer my readership (read you) to this blog. One such referral came from Google after the reader searched for "marcus trescothick suicide".

I immediately began searching all news sources for what would have been a most unfortunate and saddening loss. After Trescothick's withdrawal from The Ashes trip citing stress-related reasons, I was connecting the dots and my brain was forming a rather unhappy picture.

Thank god I didn't find anything remotely close to the said search term. However, this morning I happened across this short article confirming that Trescothick is well and truly fit and in fighting spirit. He has just hammered 200-odd in a County warm up game.

So to all my readers, before you go about searching Google willy nilly, come straight here and you will find the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. At the very least, you'll find my considered opinions on the the truth. :>

God bless.

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