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Jacques Kallis Listens...

...to us, that is. Those of us who are still following the Cricket World Cup (yes, its still going) will remember the poison spewed by South African supporters as they watched Jacques Kallis dawdle through the Super 8 match against Australia. Accusations of selfishness and not playing for the team's benefit were flung at Kallis from all quarters.

Kallis even had a few words to say himself, in his defence. We joined the fun and proffered this for the man's own benefit.

In a 180 degree role reversal, Jacques Kallis has shown all of us that he really does have the ability to bang things other than pretty young women.

All who were watching the South Africa v West Indies match last night would have noticed how Kallis took a fancy to the West Indian bowlers, specifically Dwayne Bravo, during the second power play. It just goes to show what wonders an individual score in excess of 80, at almost a-run-a-ball, can do to the team's score.

Admittedly, the South Africans were facing bowlers that would amount to nothing more than pie-throwers, in comparison to the Australian attack. Even then, it was good to see that Jacques did take our words to heart and answered his critics with his bat - it's been almost six hours since the match ended and we still haven't heard about how good Kallis' memory is.

Well done Jacques, we're all very proud of you.

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