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Would Somebody Get Me Some Masking Tape?

Better still, take it directly to Shoaib Akhtar and append it to his face. Specifically, over his rather active mouth. That is how much his words annoy me. I am sick to the bone of reading/listening to his gibberish.

I was unfortunately unable to comment on the fiasco that was Pakistan's selection of its World Cup squad, which Akthar was initially a part of. However, my earlier comments on the doping farce will prove to be very accurate pointers to my real thoughts on the latest debacle.

In a clear indication that Akthar believes he has done no wrong or in a feeble attempt to dispel the cloud of suspicion around his eventual omission from the World Cup squad, he has muttered a few words to the effect that he is very sorry that he was not able to make it to the World Cup, due to his well publicised injuries.

It has been proven beyond a shadow of doubt that this man has no integrity, and now, no shame. I urge the media outlets that flock to for their 30 seconds of cringe-worthy sound bites to do all of us respectable folk a favour and not ask Akhtar for his tainted thoughts.

Similar to my hatred for all things associated with Azharuddin, Akhtar should wallow in shame for the rest of his life. There is absolutely no need to make a false idol out of this proven cheat.

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