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It Happens Only In India

I know I've been gone for a while. Unfortunately, I'm not an A-List blogger and my testosterone charged utterances on this humble forum do not allow me to satisfy my heart's hunger for the finer culinary works of art. In short - I've been really busy and will attempt to blog a lot more regularly now that the main event is upon us.

However, the point of this post was not to provide you a voyeuristic insight into my rather happening life, but, to dwell on a rather sad/coincidental/expected event that I happened upon today.

The physical World Cup was doing a lap of honour around India when it fell to pieces. Not quite pieces, but into two pieces, at least.

The story goes (for we will never be privy to the truth) that the trophy was broken at the time that, ICC sponsors, LG Electronics collected it from the venerable organisation. However, it seems that this was not brought to anyone's attention until the trophy arrived in Kolkata, after a tryst with the crowds of New Delhi.

It seems rather strange that the ICC would allow a broke trophy to be shown off around the globe. It doesn't, however, seem strange that the trophy was broken while on tour in India. Why is it that quality control is not one of our top priorities? Why is it that things often go broke with us?

I have a few answers of my own to these questions, but this is not the place to air them. For the time being I am left to ponder the shoddy workmanship of the English craftsmen who manufactured the trophy and the horrible memories of Govinda gyrating his, errr.. rather well proportioned hips to that dastardly song.

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